Empires Edge

Episode XV
What happens in the mine...

The story resumes with the party stuck in the middle of the desert a good mile or so walk from the mine, their landspeeder a smoking ruin, olive out of commission inside it and giant sand lizards menacing them as they walked on.
So far it wasn’t looking like the friendliest of planets.
With little other options the party headed onwards to the mine, luckily without meeting any more sand lizards; a long range scan with L’arek Nafeels binoculars revealed no movement and a lot of damage outside the mine and when they reached it they confirmed the broken and smoking buildings outside the mine entrance – things didn’t look too good; two crashed landspeeders were outside and smoking, the buildings looked heavily damaged and they found three dead bodies (of the eight workers there that they were expecting to find) plus two lizards that they quickly despatched.
The buildings outside turned out to be bunk rooms, a canteen/briefing room and a storage room, with quite a few valuable crystals inside – sadly not the most expensive ones, but there were plenty of glowsticks and a couple of torches – very useful. They also uncovered personnel files indicating that there were indeed eight workers in the mine as well as two worker droids.
Inside the mine the party discovered a ore truck on tracks, it seemed in good working order and so they all piled in and rumbled down the rails to investigate, they quickly met an Y and headed left, rumbling down more tunnels to find several abandoned mineshafts as then, in a partiarularly large cavern one of the miners, Derek, cowering behind a set of rocks. Intimidation and a little blaster fire “encouraged” him out where he related how he’d heard blaster fire five days ago and had run away as two ominous looking droids had come down the tunnels towards him and others, firing everywhere.
He’d been in hiding ever since. Ever sympathetic the party brought him into the cart and fed him some food as well as telling him to be quiet, then headed off back down the rails. Further on down the track the party encountered two combat droids and a rapid firefight started, with Benny Roberts took a blast and was knocked out, but the rest of the crew managed to take out the droids before they could run close and explode.
With Benny patched up the crew headed on and found some corpses past a processing planet, near a caved in area. It didn’t look pretty at all.
Heedless of this the team headed on down the track down a branch past a caved in area, a sense of tension like a storm building as they travelled until the track come to the end as two stormtrooper commandos walked out and barked an order for the crew to drop their weapons and raise their hands. It didn’t take much thought before they complied; but beyond the two storm commandos the crew could see a figure, a figure who had the two worker droids nearby and seemed to be investigating a cave containing some massive crystals. The figure lifted a blade made of pure red energy and walked out towards the crew.
The man’s face was a patchwork of scars and skin, no two pieces seemed to be from the same one person, different scraps of colour and scar meshed all over his face and one eye had been replaced with a glowing red cybernetic implant instead. His clothes two were a patchwork of shapes and pieces of leather, all over his body save for his hands which again seemed covered with scars.
The man said little, but a heavy, ominous presence filled the air nearby as he looked over them all for a moment. With a wave of his hand the two storm commandos stepped forwards and hauled Derek out of the cart and dragged him to the red eyed man who hauled him up off the floor by his throat. Derek screamed briefly before his eyes seemed to almost bulge out, a choked gasp coming from his mouth a moment later and the man dropped him to the floor in a lifeless heap. The man turned to the crew and asked exactly who they were.
It’s at this point that Zhaff Talon made the blag of his life, explaining how they were opportunists looking for a quick buck and that they’d just come down to try and see what was around.
The man considered this for only a moment before he told them to “Leave.” and the crew gladly complied, reversing the cart and heading back towards the mine entrance.
Not being ones to leave without some kind of trouble however the team stopped to find some explosives in a secure lock up, well, the second one anyway after they failed to open the first one. With these explosives L’arek Nafeel rigged up a cave in along a long section of corridor and blew them up, before running for the entrance….

Mine? You can keep it.

Following the teams successful mission against the pirates they had returned to Elrood to discuss with Jaask about the possibilities of more things to keep them in the money. Landing at the pad they found that the port was fairly quite apart from one other freighter being loaded with unmarked crates and an Imperial shuttle with three stormtroopers outside it.
But the team managed to get to the HQ of the IML corporation without incident, although the sharp eyes of L’arek Nafeel spotted two patrols of stormtroopers moving through the city crowds on the way. When they arrived the receptionist sent them to Jaask’s office where he seemed a little wary, waving them in and talking about the parts they had ordered. Once inside his workshop however Jaask activated a device on the wall and seemed to relax. A short conversation later revealed that there were three possible jobs for the team:

  • Escorting some freighter.
  • Investigating a mine on Bodrin that had stopped reporting in.
  • Locating a missing freighter in an asteroid field near Torina.

The crew decided to mull things over and with a box of parts as cover they headed out to the Iron Strike bar (Jaasks recommendation of a low profile place to drink) and one short taxi ride later the team found themselves in a very rough part of the city, the bar itself fronted with a huge mining droid, it’s hands forming the door where a gruff Gamorrean guard grunted at them as they walked inside. Inside wasn’t much better, not to mention expensive, miners, aliens and more; nearly all of them armed. The team sat down with their beers by a pillar made from the mining droids leg and looked over a few of the names on the pillar before discussing which job to take.
Very quickly they decided on the mine investigation and finishing their beers they headed out back to the IML HQ, unfortunately there was no sign of a taxi so they had to walk, but thankfully noone troubled them on the way over.

Back at IML HQ Jaask provided them with a data crystal as well as a fuel top up for their ship and by the time the team returned to the landing pad, with another box of parts, their ship was already being refueled. Another large freighter had arrived and the Imperial shuttle was still there, but noone troubled them as they left.

A two short hyperspace jumps later where Benny Roberts took the opportunity to upgrade Olives armour they arrived at Bodrin, a dual sun system with two planets tidal locked between them, meaning that the planets were in permanent sunshine, although the second sun being much smaller and blue gave a strange blue hue to the planet when it was in the sky.
Once the crew had negotiated to land they disembarked, in full armour and with blaster rifles, much to the concern of everyone they met! Their contact met them at the spacedock, a human called Jonas who explained the situation, how he’d sent two people out to investigate already – one on a speeder bike and had heard nothing from either of them.

The town itself was pretty small, only a few buildings of note including the tallest one that turned out to be a Karaoke bar, the others of interest being a brothel, a warehouse and a boarded up fortified building of some kind.

Jonas explained that he had acquired the team a damaged landspeeder that they could use to get to the mine and Benny Roberts immediately set about repairing it as Zhaff Talon and L’arek Nafeel wandered around the town causing unease around the area, but they managed to peek into the abandoned building to find it was indeed, fairly boring and empty.
Once the landspeeder was ready Jonas drove them out towards the mine, he explained that it was out past the valley of two hills in a straight line and into the red-rusted landscape, barely a scrub plant every mile to be seen.

As the team neared the two hills L’arek Nafeel spotted a glint on the hillside and had a look through his binoclears, it appeared to be a speeder bike; further investigation revealed it was indeed the bike of one of the missing people, evidence that it had hit something – most likely one of the large native lizard creatures – as well as that of his body being dragged away.
The team didn’t stay to find out more in case they were still around and headed off towards the mine, but just as they reached the dip between the hills a thunderous explosion ripped through the ground and blew the speeder into a crashing halt. Both L’arek Nafeel and Benny Roberts were thrown clear and largely undamaged but Zhaff Talon was knocked out and seriously wounded and worse still their guide, Jonas and Olive had gone straight through the windscreen and been killed and heavily damaged respectively.

After patching themselves up further investigation and the creation of a metal detector by Benny Roberts revealed a line of mines between the hills, worrying indeed. But there was nothing for it but to trudge the two remaining miles to the mine.

They’d barely gone half of that when the ground erupted and three large lizard creatures lept out and attacked them; badly wounding Zhaff Talon with a bite to the side before the rest of the team blasted them to pieces and patched him up again.

So far, the mine mission was looking a bit hazardous!

Episode XIII
The pirate base

With the rebel freighters successfully escorted the crew continued on to the rebel base, an underground facility carved into the depths of an ice moon, probably the biggest base for the rebels that the ex-pirates had seen so far.
There they were thanked by the base commander who passed their prisoner into the tender care of a wookie.

After refreshing themselves at the base canteen the base commander returned with the wookie to explain they’d not managed to get much more information from the prisoner, what they did explain however was why this pirate base was so important, some important information that the imperials were keen to get hold of had been captured, or rather the freighter the information was hidden on had been captured by the pirates and it was vital that it was recaptured before the pirates tried to sell it to the imperials.

With this explained the base commander explained his plan, the crew were to escort a lone freighter back across the pirate space and allow it to be captured; they were pretty sure who the leak was now and would use this to make sure the ship was intercepted.

And intercepted it was; [[::zhaff-talon]] picked up three ships on the scanners coming in fast, a shuttle, a freighter and a T-95; combat ensued and the shuttled clamped onto the ship they were escorting but excellent flying, shields management and gunnary saw the enemy freighter lose power, hit an asteroid and then explode; but by then the shuttled had undocked from their freighter and the two jumped out.

The T-95 soon followed but despite [[::olive]]s best efforts she was unable to trace where the ship had gone.
Luckily L’arek Nafeel remembered at that point the freighter had a tracer on it and the crew headed to the rendevous to meet a T-95, a corellian corvette and an X-Wing; moments later they jumped in to an area carved out of an asteroid field and swarms of TIEs battling pirates around the base.

And, on the far side of the Asteroid field a Star Destroyer – blasting it’s way through the field to the base.
Wasting no time the team zoomed to the base, blasting at TIEs on the way and destroying one, the T-95 headed in as well as the X-Wing and the corvette covered their landing.

Landing neatly inside the base the team spotted two other freighters matching the descriptions and ID of the two missing ones (including the one they’d been escorting only minutes ago!) as well as several pirates, three of which were setting up a support blaster at the blast doors. L’arek Nafeel sorted these out by blasting them with the main gun from the ship, the remaining pirate diving away to hide in one of the freighters. Two other pirates had been dealt with by [:maya] and the team blasted the blast doors open with the ships main gun.

Quickly running through they encountered a guard in front of the brig who stood little chance against [[::l-arek-nafeel]] before he was killed and the crew freed two rebels from the Brig. Handy, two new pilots for the ships!
Heading back to the ship a firefight ensued getting into the ship, grenades and blasters went everywhere and [[::l-arek-nafeel]] took a bad wound before the pirate was killed. Pilots jumped into the ships and headed out quickly, the Star Destroyer almost having closed on the pirate base, and everyone jumped to escape.

Back at the rebel base the commander thanked the team and paid them well, advised them to leave before the imperials started searching as they were locking down their base and hiding.

And so the team headed quickly back to Elrood for a well earned break, or maybe another mission!

Episode XII
Fight in the asteroids

With their ship upgraded and ready to go the crew set off from Lanthyrm however after just a single jump into Kirdon they encountered the fearsome sight of a Star Destroyer, blasting a moon as TIE fighters swarmed around the hapless planetoid. A group of three TIEs broke off and hailed their ship, Zhaff Talon identified them to the Imperials and they were warned to leave immediately and followed by the TIEs until they jumped out of the system.

Thankfully the rest of their trip was uneventful and they arrived in Lanthyrm and headed for the sixth planet’s second moon where the rebel base was hidden inside a mountain on a frozen hunk of rock of a dead world. Inside thankfully was a lot more civilised and on the pads were a couple of damaged X-Wings and a T-95 as well as several freighters; and once docked the team was quickly introduced to Seth, their contact here and the commander of the base as well; they also met Wyn one of the pilots of the three freighters they’d be escorting and Teek a Wookie carrying a bandoleer of grenades as well as a bowcaster, thankfully he seemed friendly too.

After a very short introduction to the bases facilities (few) and the bar (small) the team settled down and got the lowdown on the mission; three freighters piloted by himself, Maya and Finn would be heading out, performing a small jump and then have to pass through two asteroid belts, this is typically where the pirates would attack. Only one of the freighters had shields however. The crew then waited for the other two pilots to turn up; Maya and Finn arrived and Maya proved to be quite chatty, explaining some of the attacks and that the last assault had seen them run and have to leave a ship behind while the others fled.

After getting some sleep the crew boarded their ship and headed out, two hours ahead of schedule in order to try and catch the pirates out. However things didn’t go very quietly.
Almost through the first Asteroid belt, all seemed well, but then a gun emplacement opened up from an asteroid, firing at the ships and a T-95 swung out into view and opened up on the Blakiston taking out it’s shields in the first pass. Concentrating fire on the gun emplacement as the other freighters kept formation nearby Zhaff Talon slung the ship around and took a blast of fire that locked the controls for a tense moment as the T-95 closed for the kill; luckily [Benny Roberts] sorted things out quickly and the ship was back on track to take out the T-95; some good gunnery from L’arek Nafeel finally took out the gun emplacement and Zhaff Talon swung the Blakiston around behind the T-95 and a second burst of laserfire from L’arek Nafeel sent the ship into a locked course, a final burst of laser fire finished it off.

Celebrations were held off however as the crew realised a shuttle had locked with Mayas ship and was burning in, as a distressed communication revealed; a textbook combat dock from Zhaff Talon swung the ship around and brought the crew in for a surprise attack inside the cargo bay, as they found four pirates burning their way into the cockpit.
Laser fire was exchanged and L’arek Nafeel took a small hit but the team took out three of the pirates and captured the fourth as the Shuttle decided to leave, a quick hull-patch later and Mayas ship was ready to go again as the shuttle escaped. Everyone was safe! L’arek Nafeel was quickly patched up by the sullen medical droid.

A bit of interrogation later revealed from the pirate the name of the pirates base commander, Tirog and that they had at least six ships as well as thirty or so people, a few less now of course! But the pirate didn’t have the coordinates for their base as it was locked and hidden in their ships nav-computers.

However the crew could now head off and reach the dock-point for their escort mission!

Episode XI

The episode opens with the crew of the Blakiston relaxing after an asteroid chase away from an Imperial cruiser and a load of tie fighters chasing them away from the old rebel base, hyperspace had got them safely away but the team decided not to waste any time and immediately headed back to Elrood to report back their findings and get out of the system before the Imperials caught up with them. With the ship once again in Hyperspace Benny Roberts set about fixing [o] and after six long hours of work and numerous reboots she finally reported herself ready for duty once again.
Two hyperspace jumps later the Benny Roberts arrived in Elrood where Zhaff Talon once again learned the joys of docking fees, he was as usual not amused. However the crew headed over to the Radall corporation HQ and reported to Jaask their contact there who had given them the task of finding out what had happened to the rebel team. Sadly they reported back what had happened and Jaask revealed that the crew and ship they had found had been looking for the base they had discovered, to which the team revealed that they had set the reactor to blow and that the Imperials almost certainly knew about the base now. One thing Jaask commented on was that the tractor beam had to have some kind of power source itself as the reactor they’d restarted couldn’t be powering it, an interesting thought.
With this in mind Jaask invited the players to the Three Pins, a converted bowling alley bar in the city that evening to talk about potential work, swap over the data they had acquired and to give them their hard earned reward. This seemed good to the team and they headed off to gather up equipment (like a replacement spacesuit) sell all the loot they’d acquired and see what they could do about upgrading their ship. But even Zhaff Talon couldn’t shift the T-95 headhunter manuals, well at least they’d have emergency toilet roll.
However Benny Roberts did manage to get the bacta-tank up and running as well as the rather unconversational 2-1B medical droid, a room was cleared in the ship and they had a medbay, positively civilized!
After a bit of debate it was decided to upgrade the cannons on the ship Benny Roberts acquired the parts and set to it, however the phase stabilizers proved more tricky than he’d imagined and he ended up frying a load of circuitry leaving the guns with no fire control; eventually however he fixed it and proposed an alternative solution, fixing a third laser cannon to the turret instead and linking them all together, this modification met with much more success!
Back at the Three Pins as the crew worked their way through the cocktail selection of purple, fruity or orange in rotation Jaask gave them a list of possible jobs, following Imperial cargo ships, clearing out some pirates and delivering supplies; with their new souped up ship the team went for the pirates option; with 4k credits on offer and 2k more for the pirate leader alive and 2k for the location of their base. Apparently the pirates were operating near the Lanthrym system attacking rebel convoys. They had at least five ships; one shuttle, one T-95 headhunter and a light freighter. They were known as the Talon Raiders, L’arek Nafeel seemed to think they were ex-imperial whilst Zhaff Talon believed he’d heard of one of their attacks where they attacked a transport, dumping the passengers on a moon and taking the ship and captain away, never to be seen again.
The final bit of news Jaask had for the crew was that the [Star Destroyer Relentless] had arrived in the sector, whatever the Imperials were looking for in the sector they were very keen to get it, with this ship in the sector the rebels were having to keep things much more low key.

Episode X
What was the mission again?

The story returns with L’arek Nafeel unconscious and wounded from a blaster shot to the head after a firefight in a corridor in the abandoned rebel asteroid base.
Realising that they need some kind of atmosphere in order to operate on their fallen comrade Benny Roberts headed over to the reactor to see if he could get it back online, but his examination revealed it would take at least an hour to get the thing running and stable, damn those type VII’s!

With this in mind Zhaff Talon carried L’arek Nafeel back to the Blakiston and prised him out of his suit, almost immediately L’arek Nafeel awoke with a gasp, the kick of oxygen having revived him.
Benny Roberts returned his attentions to the reactor and after an hours careful monitoring declared it up and ready, furthermore he discovered the controls for the tractor beam that was acting as a deadly trap for any ship that might venture close and shut it off. Having fixed the reactor (did he mention he fixed the reactor?) he returned atmosphere to the facility and to finish off he returned the Blakiston and patched up L’arek Nafeel with a medipac and the team was fighting fit once again.
Exploration resumed and the party gathered outside the tempting sounding armoury, and despite his previous success at starting massive energy sources (did he mention that?) Benny Roberts was unable to get the door open, instead Zhaff Talon and L’arek Nafeel managed to bypass the security systems and get it open to reveal…. nothing! All cleaned out! Not so much as a blaster pistol.
Instead the team turned to the crew quarters and once again Zhaff Talon and L’arek Nafeel worked out the security for the door to see two security droids battering at a door at the other side of the room in a scene of chaos. A firefight erupted immediately and this time it was only the droids that were damaged. A search of the room found a vidslug from one of the last people to be on the station, recording how they’d had to leave the supply depot after a transmission was intercepted; but despite everyone going one of the team “Mendie” was going to stay and guard the facility until they could return to pick up the ships and remaining gear in a month.
With this in mind they broke into the door the droids had been hammering on, on the other side of the crew quarters, inside was the smell of stale air, bad air and a long ladder down and at the bottom, another locked door; what was with this? Opening this door (they were getting good at this now) they were assaulted by a horrific stench and an alarm klaxon they started up in the room, not only this a strange looking droid with penned-on humanoid features crudely wearing clothes was standing over a dessicated body, the source of the horrible smell. The droid didn’t even get a chance to lift it’s blaster before the team shot it to pieces and investigation revealed that the dead body was none other than Mendie, the last crewman of the station.
The alarm however was still blaring and despite repeated attempts to crack open the security box the team couldn’t get it open, waving the others outside to safety Zhaff Talon decided to try a more direct approach and blast the box into submission, his shot took off the corner of it and at last the siren shut up.
Exploring the room the party found a log of 495 entries long cataloguing Mendie’s steady descent into insanity as he went stir-crazy (apparently) eventually declaring that all the droids on the station (apart from his faithful “no.2”) were imperial agents and he was locking himself into the security bunker to save himself until the rest of the rebels returned.
At this point despite the interesting asteroid the party realised they still hadn’t found what they’d come here to do, the Star Forge and it’s crew! Heading outside in the Blakiston the team scanned around and found amongst the wreckage of the imperial cruiser what seemed to be the remains of a freighter ship, could this be it? Suddenly the Blakiston was rocked by laser fire and a TIE fighter screamed past their ship, lasers firing, everyone quickly jumped to their stations and Zhaff Talon expertly steered behind the tie whilst L’arek Nafeel manned the laser cannons; a blast hit the TIE and it turned to run, twisting and turning through the asteroid field until it bounced off one and spun… right into another laser blast which blew it to pieces.
With time now short the team landed and searched the crashed freighter and found out it was indeed the Star Forge two dead bodies inside and a very damaged and somewhat distressed R2 droid that the team rescued and added to their increasing pile of loot.
Back inside the team decided to start grabbing everything that wasn’t nailed down, Bacta tank (with a small crack in it, after an accident with a door frame when moving it) droid parts, blaster rifles, power cells, it all went inside the Blakiston which was looking increasingly full.
Zhaff Talon noticed something on the asteroids limited scanners, two incoming starfighter size ships; thinking quickly the team reactivated the tractor beam and one of them smashed straight into the asteroid, dust shaking the ‘roid as it did, the other however got away and started orbiting nearby, no doubt calling for help. A sinister large shape with a swarm of starfighters on the scanner soon confirmed it.
With the last few things they could find thrown into their ship Benny Roberts sabotaged the reactor and primed it to blow, hopefully, but the team didn’t stay around to find out if this worked; hopping into the Blakiston they flew out of the ’roid and with excellent piloting from Zhaff Talon were into the surrounding asteroid field before the nearby TIE could even realise what was up.
But it was too late for the imperials, dodging asteroids and swinging all over the place Zhaff Talon got the ship clear of the ’roids and into open space so they could jump to hyperspace and a four hour journey to Dega and away.

Stars covered the screen as they jumped to hyperspace.

Episode IX
Into the 'roid with droid and blaster

Having previously acceptted a mission from the rebels to locate the missing ship Star Forge and it’s crew the characters have followed the trail and found themselves out in the asteroid filled system of Ossirrag. Investigation of the system uncovered a large mass of debris near a binary asteroid system, two very large asteroids indeed. Scanning the area they found the remains of an imperial cruiser both around and on the asteroid, including a very large impact crater.

The mystery of why this had happened was solved very quickly as a powerful tractor beam of some kind started to drag them towards the asteroid, only the superior flying skills of Zhaff Talon stopped them crashing into it; this however far from detered them and they decided to land on the asteroid itself.

The asteroid was large enough to have minimal gravity, but had no atmosphere at all; further investigation revealed some massive duralloy doors hidden inside a crater which Benny Roberts managed to get open to reveal a big dark nothing inside.

A dropped flarestick fell almost 100 metres down to show some crates and something under a tarp, the size of the room beyond was pretty big. Leading from the front Zhaff Talon lowered himself down on a rope (left over from their previous cliff-climbing expedition) down to the bottom to find no sign of light or life anywhere. Sure enough that it was safe L’arek Nafeel (who slipped, nearly falling all the way down) and Benny Roberts climbed down to join them, leaving Olive to guard the top of the rope and the doors and keep an eye on the ship.

A lot of searching around in the dark revealed that they’d found into what turned out to be a hanger uncovered a power control panel, three Z-95 headhunters under the tarp and a lot of thruster parts, manuals and vaccum preserved food in boxes around the hanger.
With a big of electrical convincing Benny Roberts managed to get the lights and gravity systems back online to reveal two doors out of the hanger (one labelled “Reactor Room”) as well as an abandoned rec area. Zhaff Talon headed back to the ship as Olive joined the rest of the team inside, Zhaff Talon moving the Blakiston inside the hanger so they could close the doors.

Searching the unmarked door revealed sleeping bunks with room for a dozen people; no signs of a hurried escape, there was scarcely anything inside.
Turning their attention to the reactor door the team hauled it open managing not to pull any muscles to reveal a large room under emergency lighting with the squat cube of a fusion reactor with instruments ticking over. The sharp eyed L’arek Nafeel also spotted a hatch in the ceiling next to some rungs. After a bit of decision Benny Roberts headed up to try and get the hatch open, but he soon found that, for him, hanging onto rungs and opening a hatch are mutually exclusive activities and decided to stick to the former as a priority. Inside Olive was sent up to get the door open, which she managed after accidentally dropping a power cell, causing a brief bit of concern when it exploded.

The satisfaction of the open hatch soured almost immediately as blaster fire came down through it immediately and damaged Olive who headed down quickly to hide as the party returned fire; a brief respite in the fire followed but then a droid with a blaster rifle swung down to shoot at the group, also learning that rungs and shooting aren’t something to combine and found itself in a damaged heap on the floor and Zhaff Talon the proud owner of a blaster rifle.

Deciding to investigate upstairs the group clambered up to find a corridor with a door at the end with a red cross, and two doors on the sides with red lights indicating they were likely locked; the side doors labelled “Armoury” and “Crew Quarters”. The team decided to head down towards the red cross room; however three droids stepped out when the party was only halfway along and a blaster fight errupted; the droids being blown to slag but the unfortunate L’arek Nafeel being shot through his faceplate and wounded; the loss of air being more concerning than the wound itself as he slipped into unconciousness just as Benny Roberts managed to jury-rig a breach-patch ontoL’arek Nafeel’s suit, saving him.

Moving on to the room with the red cross in the hope it was a medbay and carrying L’arek Nafeel between them the team found that it was indeed a medbay, although one that showed signs of a fight, two Bacta tanks, one broken as well as a damaged looking 2-1B medical droid.
(Fade to grey)

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