Empires Edge

Episode IX

Into the 'roid with droid and blaster

Having previously acceptted a mission from the rebels to locate the missing ship Star Forge and it’s crew the characters have followed the trail and found themselves out in the asteroid filled system of Ossirrag. Investigation of the system uncovered a large mass of debris near a binary asteroid system, two very large asteroids indeed. Scanning the area they found the remains of an imperial cruiser both around and on the asteroid, including a very large impact crater.

The mystery of why this had happened was solved very quickly as a powerful tractor beam of some kind started to drag them towards the asteroid, only the superior flying skills of Zhaff Talon stopped them crashing into it; this however far from detered them and they decided to land on the asteroid itself.

The asteroid was large enough to have minimal gravity, but had no atmosphere at all; further investigation revealed some massive duralloy doors hidden inside a crater which Benny Roberts managed to get open to reveal a big dark nothing inside.

A dropped flarestick fell almost 100 metres down to show some crates and something under a tarp, the size of the room beyond was pretty big. Leading from the front Zhaff Talon lowered himself down on a rope (left over from their previous cliff-climbing expedition) down to the bottom to find no sign of light or life anywhere. Sure enough that it was safe L’arek Nafeel (who slipped, nearly falling all the way down) and Benny Roberts climbed down to join them, leaving Olive to guard the top of the rope and the doors and keep an eye on the ship.

A lot of searching around in the dark revealed that they’d found into what turned out to be a hanger uncovered a power control panel, three Z-95 headhunters under the tarp and a lot of thruster parts, manuals and vaccum preserved food in boxes around the hanger.
With a big of electrical convincing Benny Roberts managed to get the lights and gravity systems back online to reveal two doors out of the hanger (one labelled “Reactor Room”) as well as an abandoned rec area. Zhaff Talon headed back to the ship as Olive joined the rest of the team inside, Zhaff Talon moving the Blakiston inside the hanger so they could close the doors.

Searching the unmarked door revealed sleeping bunks with room for a dozen people; no signs of a hurried escape, there was scarcely anything inside.
Turning their attention to the reactor door the team hauled it open managing not to pull any muscles to reveal a large room under emergency lighting with the squat cube of a fusion reactor with instruments ticking over. The sharp eyed L’arek Nafeel also spotted a hatch in the ceiling next to some rungs. After a bit of decision Benny Roberts headed up to try and get the hatch open, but he soon found that, for him, hanging onto rungs and opening a hatch are mutually exclusive activities and decided to stick to the former as a priority. Inside Olive was sent up to get the door open, which she managed after accidentally dropping a power cell, causing a brief bit of concern when it exploded.

The satisfaction of the open hatch soured almost immediately as blaster fire came down through it immediately and damaged Olive who headed down quickly to hide as the party returned fire; a brief respite in the fire followed but then a droid with a blaster rifle swung down to shoot at the group, also learning that rungs and shooting aren’t something to combine and found itself in a damaged heap on the floor and Zhaff Talon the proud owner of a blaster rifle.

Deciding to investigate upstairs the group clambered up to find a corridor with a door at the end with a red cross, and two doors on the sides with red lights indicating they were likely locked; the side doors labelled “Armoury” and “Crew Quarters”. The team decided to head down towards the red cross room; however three droids stepped out when the party was only halfway along and a blaster fight errupted; the droids being blown to slag but the unfortunate L’arek Nafeel being shot through his faceplate and wounded; the loss of air being more concerning than the wound itself as he slipped into unconciousness just as Benny Roberts managed to jury-rig a breach-patch ontoL’arek Nafeel’s suit, saving him.

Moving on to the room with the red cross in the hope it was a medbay and carrying L’arek Nafeel between them the team found that it was indeed a medbay, although one that showed signs of a fight, two Bacta tanks, one broken as well as a damaged looking 2-1B medical droid.
(Fade to grey)


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