Empires Edge

Episode XII

Fight in the asteroids

With their ship upgraded and ready to go the crew set off from Lanthyrm however after just a single jump into Kirdon they encountered the fearsome sight of a Star Destroyer, blasting a moon as TIE fighters swarmed around the hapless planetoid. A group of three TIEs broke off and hailed their ship, Zhaff Talon identified them to the Imperials and they were warned to leave immediately and followed by the TIEs until they jumped out of the system.

Thankfully the rest of their trip was uneventful and they arrived in Lanthyrm and headed for the sixth planet’s second moon where the rebel base was hidden inside a mountain on a frozen hunk of rock of a dead world. Inside thankfully was a lot more civilised and on the pads were a couple of damaged X-Wings and a T-95 as well as several freighters; and once docked the team was quickly introduced to Seth, their contact here and the commander of the base as well; they also met Wyn one of the pilots of the three freighters they’d be escorting and Teek a Wookie carrying a bandoleer of grenades as well as a bowcaster, thankfully he seemed friendly too.

After a very short introduction to the bases facilities (few) and the bar (small) the team settled down and got the lowdown on the mission; three freighters piloted by himself, Maya and Finn would be heading out, performing a small jump and then have to pass through two asteroid belts, this is typically where the pirates would attack. Only one of the freighters had shields however. The crew then waited for the other two pilots to turn up; Maya and Finn arrived and Maya proved to be quite chatty, explaining some of the attacks and that the last assault had seen them run and have to leave a ship behind while the others fled.

After getting some sleep the crew boarded their ship and headed out, two hours ahead of schedule in order to try and catch the pirates out. However things didn’t go very quietly.
Almost through the first Asteroid belt, all seemed well, but then a gun emplacement opened up from an asteroid, firing at the ships and a T-95 swung out into view and opened up on the Blakiston taking out it’s shields in the first pass. Concentrating fire on the gun emplacement as the other freighters kept formation nearby Zhaff Talon slung the ship around and took a blast of fire that locked the controls for a tense moment as the T-95 closed for the kill; luckily [Benny Roberts] sorted things out quickly and the ship was back on track to take out the T-95; some good gunnery from L’arek Nafeel finally took out the gun emplacement and Zhaff Talon swung the Blakiston around behind the T-95 and a second burst of laserfire from L’arek Nafeel sent the ship into a locked course, a final burst of laser fire finished it off.

Celebrations were held off however as the crew realised a shuttle had locked with Mayas ship and was burning in, as a distressed communication revealed; a textbook combat dock from Zhaff Talon swung the ship around and brought the crew in for a surprise attack inside the cargo bay, as they found four pirates burning their way into the cockpit.
Laser fire was exchanged and L’arek Nafeel took a small hit but the team took out three of the pirates and captured the fourth as the Shuttle decided to leave, a quick hull-patch later and Mayas ship was ready to go again as the shuttle escaped. Everyone was safe! L’arek Nafeel was quickly patched up by the sullen medical droid.

A bit of interrogation later revealed from the pirate the name of the pirates base commander, Tirog and that they had at least six ships as well as thirty or so people, a few less now of course! But the pirate didn’t have the coordinates for their base as it was locked and hidden in their ships nav-computers.

However the crew could now head off and reach the dock-point for their escort mission!


RobinLangridge RobinLangridge

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