Empires Edge

Episode XIII

The pirate base

With the rebel freighters successfully escorted the crew continued on to the rebel base, an underground facility carved into the depths of an ice moon, probably the biggest base for the rebels that the ex-pirates had seen so far.
There they were thanked by the base commander who passed their prisoner into the tender care of a wookie.

After refreshing themselves at the base canteen the base commander returned with the wookie to explain they’d not managed to get much more information from the prisoner, what they did explain however was why this pirate base was so important, some important information that the imperials were keen to get hold of had been captured, or rather the freighter the information was hidden on had been captured by the pirates and it was vital that it was recaptured before the pirates tried to sell it to the imperials.

With this explained the base commander explained his plan, the crew were to escort a lone freighter back across the pirate space and allow it to be captured; they were pretty sure who the leak was now and would use this to make sure the ship was intercepted.

And intercepted it was; [[::zhaff-talon]] picked up three ships on the scanners coming in fast, a shuttle, a freighter and a T-95; combat ensued and the shuttled clamped onto the ship they were escorting but excellent flying, shields management and gunnary saw the enemy freighter lose power, hit an asteroid and then explode; but by then the shuttled had undocked from their freighter and the two jumped out.

The T-95 soon followed but despite [[::olive]]s best efforts she was unable to trace where the ship had gone.
Luckily L’arek Nafeel remembered at that point the freighter had a tracer on it and the crew headed to the rendevous to meet a T-95, a corellian corvette and an X-Wing; moments later they jumped in to an area carved out of an asteroid field and swarms of TIEs battling pirates around the base.

And, on the far side of the Asteroid field a Star Destroyer – blasting it’s way through the field to the base.
Wasting no time the team zoomed to the base, blasting at TIEs on the way and destroying one, the T-95 headed in as well as the X-Wing and the corvette covered their landing.

Landing neatly inside the base the team spotted two other freighters matching the descriptions and ID of the two missing ones (including the one they’d been escorting only minutes ago!) as well as several pirates, three of which were setting up a support blaster at the blast doors. L’arek Nafeel sorted these out by blasting them with the main gun from the ship, the remaining pirate diving away to hide in one of the freighters. Two other pirates had been dealt with by [:maya] and the team blasted the blast doors open with the ships main gun.

Quickly running through they encountered a guard in front of the brig who stood little chance against [[::l-arek-nafeel]] before he was killed and the crew freed two rebels from the Brig. Handy, two new pilots for the ships!
Heading back to the ship a firefight ensued getting into the ship, grenades and blasters went everywhere and [[::l-arek-nafeel]] took a bad wound before the pirate was killed. Pilots jumped into the ships and headed out quickly, the Star Destroyer almost having closed on the pirate base, and everyone jumped to escape.

Back at the rebel base the commander thanked the team and paid them well, advised them to leave before the imperials started searching as they were locking down their base and hiding.

And so the team headed quickly back to Elrood for a well earned break, or maybe another mission!


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