Empires Edge

Episode XV

What happens in the mine...

The story resumes with the party stuck in the middle of the desert a good mile or so walk from the mine, their landspeeder a smoking ruin, olive out of commission inside it and giant sand lizards menacing them as they walked on.
So far it wasn’t looking like the friendliest of planets.
With little other options the party headed onwards to the mine, luckily without meeting any more sand lizards; a long range scan with L’arek Nafeels binoculars revealed no movement and a lot of damage outside the mine and when they reached it they confirmed the broken and smoking buildings outside the mine entrance – things didn’t look too good; two crashed landspeeders were outside and smoking, the buildings looked heavily damaged and they found three dead bodies (of the eight workers there that they were expecting to find) plus two lizards that they quickly despatched.
The buildings outside turned out to be bunk rooms, a canteen/briefing room and a storage room, with quite a few valuable crystals inside – sadly not the most expensive ones, but there were plenty of glowsticks and a couple of torches – very useful. They also uncovered personnel files indicating that there were indeed eight workers in the mine as well as two worker droids.
Inside the mine the party discovered a ore truck on tracks, it seemed in good working order and so they all piled in and rumbled down the rails to investigate, they quickly met an Y and headed left, rumbling down more tunnels to find several abandoned mineshafts as then, in a partiarularly large cavern one of the miners, Derek, cowering behind a set of rocks. Intimidation and a little blaster fire “encouraged” him out where he related how he’d heard blaster fire five days ago and had run away as two ominous looking droids had come down the tunnels towards him and others, firing everywhere.
He’d been in hiding ever since. Ever sympathetic the party brought him into the cart and fed him some food as well as telling him to be quiet, then headed off back down the rails. Further on down the track the party encountered two combat droids and a rapid firefight started, with Benny Roberts took a blast and was knocked out, but the rest of the crew managed to take out the droids before they could run close and explode.
With Benny patched up the crew headed on and found some corpses past a processing planet, near a caved in area. It didn’t look pretty at all.
Heedless of this the team headed on down the track down a branch past a caved in area, a sense of tension like a storm building as they travelled until the track come to the end as two stormtrooper commandos walked out and barked an order for the crew to drop their weapons and raise their hands. It didn’t take much thought before they complied; but beyond the two storm commandos the crew could see a figure, a figure who had the two worker droids nearby and seemed to be investigating a cave containing some massive crystals. The figure lifted a blade made of pure red energy and walked out towards the crew.
The man’s face was a patchwork of scars and skin, no two pieces seemed to be from the same one person, different scraps of colour and scar meshed all over his face and one eye had been replaced with a glowing red cybernetic implant instead. His clothes two were a patchwork of shapes and pieces of leather, all over his body save for his hands which again seemed covered with scars.
The man said little, but a heavy, ominous presence filled the air nearby as he looked over them all for a moment. With a wave of his hand the two storm commandos stepped forwards and hauled Derek out of the cart and dragged him to the red eyed man who hauled him up off the floor by his throat. Derek screamed briefly before his eyes seemed to almost bulge out, a choked gasp coming from his mouth a moment later and the man dropped him to the floor in a lifeless heap. The man turned to the crew and asked exactly who they were.
It’s at this point that Zhaff Talon made the blag of his life, explaining how they were opportunists looking for a quick buck and that they’d just come down to try and see what was around.
The man considered this for only a moment before he told them to “Leave.” and the crew gladly complied, reversing the cart and heading back towards the mine entrance.
Not being ones to leave without some kind of trouble however the team stopped to find some explosives in a secure lock up, well, the second one anyway after they failed to open the first one. With these explosives L’arek Nafeel rigged up a cave in along a long section of corridor and blew them up, before running for the entrance….


Poor Derek. Wet as a vindaloo infused fart.

Episode XV
RobinLangridge RobinLangridge

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