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Mine? You can keep it.

Following the teams successful mission against the pirates they had returned to Elrood to discuss with Jaask about the possibilities of more things to keep them in the money. Landing at the pad they found that the port was fairly quite apart from one other freighter being loaded with unmarked crates and an Imperial shuttle with three stormtroopers outside it.
But the team managed to get to the HQ of the IML corporation without incident, although the sharp eyes of L’arek Nafeel spotted two patrols of stormtroopers moving through the city crowds on the way. When they arrived the receptionist sent them to Jaask’s office where he seemed a little wary, waving them in and talking about the parts they had ordered. Once inside his workshop however Jaask activated a device on the wall and seemed to relax. A short conversation later revealed that there were three possible jobs for the team:

  • Escorting some freighter.
  • Investigating a mine on Bodrin that had stopped reporting in.
  • Locating a missing freighter in an asteroid field near Torina.

The crew decided to mull things over and with a box of parts as cover they headed out to the Iron Strike bar (Jaasks recommendation of a low profile place to drink) and one short taxi ride later the team found themselves in a very rough part of the city, the bar itself fronted with a huge mining droid, it’s hands forming the door where a gruff Gamorrean guard grunted at them as they walked inside. Inside wasn’t much better, not to mention expensive, miners, aliens and more; nearly all of them armed. The team sat down with their beers by a pillar made from the mining droids leg and looked over a few of the names on the pillar before discussing which job to take.
Very quickly they decided on the mine investigation and finishing their beers they headed out back to the IML HQ, unfortunately there was no sign of a taxi so they had to walk, but thankfully noone troubled them on the way over.

Back at IML HQ Jaask provided them with a data crystal as well as a fuel top up for their ship and by the time the team returned to the landing pad, with another box of parts, their ship was already being refueled. Another large freighter had arrived and the Imperial shuttle was still there, but noone troubled them as they left.

A two short hyperspace jumps later where Benny Roberts took the opportunity to upgrade Olives armour they arrived at Bodrin, a dual sun system with two planets tidal locked between them, meaning that the planets were in permanent sunshine, although the second sun being much smaller and blue gave a strange blue hue to the planet when it was in the sky.
Once the crew had negotiated to land they disembarked, in full armour and with blaster rifles, much to the concern of everyone they met! Their contact met them at the spacedock, a human called Jonas who explained the situation, how he’d sent two people out to investigate already – one on a speeder bike and had heard nothing from either of them.

The town itself was pretty small, only a few buildings of note including the tallest one that turned out to be a Karaoke bar, the others of interest being a brothel, a warehouse and a boarded up fortified building of some kind.

Jonas explained that he had acquired the team a damaged landspeeder that they could use to get to the mine and Benny Roberts immediately set about repairing it as Zhaff Talon and L’arek Nafeel wandered around the town causing unease around the area, but they managed to peek into the abandoned building to find it was indeed, fairly boring and empty.
Once the landspeeder was ready Jonas drove them out towards the mine, he explained that it was out past the valley of two hills in a straight line and into the red-rusted landscape, barely a scrub plant every mile to be seen.

As the team neared the two hills L’arek Nafeel spotted a glint on the hillside and had a look through his binoclears, it appeared to be a speeder bike; further investigation revealed it was indeed the bike of one of the missing people, evidence that it had hit something – most likely one of the large native lizard creatures – as well as that of his body being dragged away.
The team didn’t stay to find out more in case they were still around and headed off towards the mine, but just as they reached the dip between the hills a thunderous explosion ripped through the ground and blew the speeder into a crashing halt. Both L’arek Nafeel and Benny Roberts were thrown clear and largely undamaged but Zhaff Talon was knocked out and seriously wounded and worse still their guide, Jonas and Olive had gone straight through the windscreen and been killed and heavily damaged respectively.

After patching themselves up further investigation and the creation of a metal detector by Benny Roberts revealed a line of mines between the hills, worrying indeed. But there was nothing for it but to trudge the two remaining miles to the mine.

They’d barely gone half of that when the ground erupted and three large lizard creatures lept out and attacked them; badly wounding Zhaff Talon with a bite to the side before the rest of the team blasted them to pieces and patched him up again.

So far, the mine mission was looking a bit hazardous!


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