Empires Edge

Episode XI

The episode opens with the crew of the Blakiston relaxing after an asteroid chase away from an Imperial cruiser and a load of tie fighters chasing them away from the old rebel base, hyperspace had got them safely away but the team decided not to waste any time and immediately headed back to Elrood to report back their findings and get out of the system before the Imperials caught up with them. With the ship once again in Hyperspace Benny Roberts set about fixing [o] and after six long hours of work and numerous reboots she finally reported herself ready for duty once again.
Two hyperspace jumps later the Benny Roberts arrived in Elrood where Zhaff Talon once again learned the joys of docking fees, he was as usual not amused. However the crew headed over to the Radall corporation HQ and reported to Jaask their contact there who had given them the task of finding out what had happened to the rebel team. Sadly they reported back what had happened and Jaask revealed that the crew and ship they had found had been looking for the base they had discovered, to which the team revealed that they had set the reactor to blow and that the Imperials almost certainly knew about the base now. One thing Jaask commented on was that the tractor beam had to have some kind of power source itself as the reactor they’d restarted couldn’t be powering it, an interesting thought.
With this in mind Jaask invited the players to the Three Pins, a converted bowling alley bar in the city that evening to talk about potential work, swap over the data they had acquired and to give them their hard earned reward. This seemed good to the team and they headed off to gather up equipment (like a replacement spacesuit) sell all the loot they’d acquired and see what they could do about upgrading their ship. But even Zhaff Talon couldn’t shift the T-95 headhunter manuals, well at least they’d have emergency toilet roll.
However Benny Roberts did manage to get the bacta-tank up and running as well as the rather unconversational 2-1B medical droid, a room was cleared in the ship and they had a medbay, positively civilized!
After a bit of debate it was decided to upgrade the cannons on the ship Benny Roberts acquired the parts and set to it, however the phase stabilizers proved more tricky than he’d imagined and he ended up frying a load of circuitry leaving the guns with no fire control; eventually however he fixed it and proposed an alternative solution, fixing a third laser cannon to the turret instead and linking them all together, this modification met with much more success!
Back at the Three Pins as the crew worked their way through the cocktail selection of purple, fruity or orange in rotation Jaask gave them a list of possible jobs, following Imperial cargo ships, clearing out some pirates and delivering supplies; with their new souped up ship the team went for the pirates option; with 4k credits on offer and 2k more for the pirate leader alive and 2k for the location of their base. Apparently the pirates were operating near the Lanthrym system attacking rebel convoys. They had at least five ships; one shuttle, one T-95 headhunter and a light freighter. They were known as the Talon Raiders, L’arek Nafeel seemed to think they were ex-imperial whilst Zhaff Talon believed he’d heard of one of their attacks where they attacked a transport, dumping the passengers on a moon and taking the ship and captain away, never to be seen again.
The final bit of news Jaask had for the crew was that the [Star Destroyer Relentless] had arrived in the sector, whatever the Imperials were looking for in the sector they were very keen to get it, with this ship in the sector the rebels were having to keep things much more low key.


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