Zhaff Talon

Ex-pirate freighter captain


Aria and Tokrin were young and in love. They didn’t think through the consequences of their union on board the Aberfoyle, the “merchant” ship that they crewed. Needless to say, Zhaff was a member of the crew that the Captain Terrix didn’t recruit through usual channels.

On a run through the outer rim of the galaxy running a dubious cargo for Sola Passik in the Thandon Cluster, the cargo hold was hit by a bounty hunter and at four years old Zhaff became the head of his household.

It took what remained of the crew six months to hobble to the nearest port at sub light speeds. These months were to chart a course for the rest of Zhaff’s life as Terrix grew accustomed to him being around the ship.

He was raised by no one in particular and would run around the knees of the crew. As he grew he rose through the ranks of the crew to be one of the youngest pilots to fly a transport. This love of flying has left him with some keen skills. The crew taught him everything they needed to know.

After an unfortunate run in with a “customer”, what remained of the Aberfoyle’s crew were taken out 2 years ago near Almaran. News of this was slow to reach Zhaff who was on Fornax 3 sourcing parts for the hyperdrive with L’Arek.

Over the coming year Zhaff and L’Arek worked their way into the confidence of Peldor, the local “business man” who gave them a loan to buy The Blakiston, a smaller Ghtroc Freighter and continue once more with their entrepreneurial talents with Captain Tallon at the helm.

Zhaff Talon

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