An quiet system with massive amounts of asteroids and rich mining possibilities, and an imperial base on the fifth planet’s moon, Beazeeth acts as a outpost point for the empire to find out who is causing trouble at the edges of the sector.

A lot of valuable resources are garnered by the empire from this system as well as, it’s rumoured, secret weapons research on the moon. The system is closed to non-imperial traffic and as such is dangerous to enter without permission.

Beazeeth has five planets in it’s system and numerous asteroid belts.

Beazeeth I is a small atmosphere-less rock that has wild temperature fluctuations between 100 to 700 K thanks to it’s proximity to the systems sun.
Beazeeth II is a gas planet, it’s only moon provides a rich and easy source of hydrogen.
Beazeeth III is a gas planet that is surrounded by debris, moons and rings.
Beazeeth IV is a inhospitable planet with a crushing 12G atmosphere and winds that reach hundreds of miles an hour.
Beazeeth V is a small frozen world with a moon that is the only habitable body in the system. This is where the imperial base is located.


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