house rules

Wild Dice

The wild dice does not indicate a mishap on a 1 instead it removes the highest dice that was rolled as well as itself.
So if for a dice pool of 3d a 3 6 are rolled and a 1 on the wild dice then the result is a 3 as the 6 and 1 are thrown away.
Wild dice still cascade “up” as usual (roll a 6 and roll again, etc)

The wild dice “1” rule does not effect:

  • Damage rolls
  • Strength rolls to resist damage


If all the D6 rolled come up with a “1” then a fumble has occurred, however this can be after the wild dice has removed the others that were not 1’s.
So a dice pool of 3d and a roll of 1 4 and a 1 on the wild dice would leave a single dice with a value of 1 and result in a fumble.
If rolling 2 dice, however, a fumble only occurs on a double 1.

house rules

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